London Newborn Photography: How To Choose A Newborn Photographer That Matches Your Style


Everyone has a unique style- this extends to the way we dress, the way we decorate our homes, the cars we drive and the art we like. Just like all of this, a newborn photographer is generally not a “one size fits all” type of photography. Each newborn photographer has developed their own style, based on the props they use, the lack of props they use, the poses they use or lack of, the way their edit their images and the colours they use. This can all be demonstrated in a newborn photographer’s portfolio. Everyone is completely different but you can find a photographer who’s style matches yours so their is no need to ask a photographer to change their style to match yours so you get the best results possible!

1.) Look at their portfolio- Sometimes I get a client who hasn’t looked at my portfolio and is surprised when I have a different style than theirs, it is best to look carefully at a photographer’s portfolio to see if you love the style they have so carefully perfected over the years. Remember, an artist excels at something they’ve perfected and trained in, commissioning an artist to paint a landscape rather than a portrait when they specialise in portraits will not yield the same results as if they had done what they specialise in!

2.) Look at the props they use- You can tell a lot about a newborn photographer’s style by looking at the props they use. Do you have a minimal/simple style and prefer all white? Or do you prefer cute, vintage images with lots of textures and hats/headbands?

3.) Look at the posing they use–┬áDo they only do nude posed images of newborns or do they incorporate buckets/bowls etc into the mix? Do they do no posing at all and have a natural lifestyle look? These are all things to be greatly considered when choosing your photographer. Do newborns look comfortable and relaxed in their poses (this is a telltale sign of an experienced and professional newborn photographer)?

4.) Look at the colour they use- Everyone prefers different colours, it’s just the way we are. We all have unique styles and personalities. Some houses in London are decorated all white with the bare minimum of accents while some are bright, colourful and filled to the brim with knick knacks and decor. Look at the newborn photographer’s use of colour, do you prefer all white/ black or do you prefer a range of colours to be used in your newborn photography session?

These are all things to think about when choosing your newborn photographer as it is best to find one that suits your style so you get the best results possible!