Children and Teenage Years Fine Art Photography


I think as our children get older we forget to capture them with professional photography as they are no longer any special milestones or they aren’t little and cute anymore. However, as we grow older I think we come to understand that even the little moments and the most awkward of stages (the pre-teen years) are special and worth capturing. I don’t often get to do photography pre-teens or teenagers as much as I’d like but one of my favourite things to do is go home to Canada where I’m from and photograph my little sister. With every trip home, I’ve captured her at each stage of her life and will continue to do so. It is so important for our children to have these moments of beauty to look back on and even keep for their children. It is so special for them to have a chance to look back on themselves and reflect on their happy childhood.

I love doing creative shoots with my little sister who is now 13, we’ve always thought of exciting ways to photograph her and I’ve always used her input. Last time I was home we went to a charity shop and bought a few old dresses and hand-dyed them in vibrant colours. It was so fun to transform them and see our vision come true! I love how this vivid teal contrasts with the yellow glow of the sun!

I love photographing older children and families outdoors because I find we act most natural when outside. Families can walk, play, run and joke amongst themselves as they interact with nature and I love being able to capture these natural moments with a beautiful outdoor backdrop. I’ve always told my little sister to run, jump, twirl and dance so that I can get beautiful natural shots of her!

To capture your family memories please email me at reddington.kirstin@gmail.com as all moments are special, not just the first year!