Children and Family Photographer in London


Another visit to see my family in Canada has come to an end and I leave tomorrow to go back home to London, England. It’s always so hard to say goodbye to my parents and siblings, especially as I won’t be coming home for another year this time! Thank goodness for the wonders of technology like email, ¬†FaceTime and WhatsApp so I can be in touch with them every day! I always think about how hard it must have been for all of my grandparents to move from the UK to Canada with only letters to go back and forth every few weeks.

Canada has shown me all of it’s wonders on my holiday, I’ve seen a bald eagle, a weasel and a beaver in the wild this trip, all of which I never once saw growing up in Canada! I’m excited to return to London a bit more rested and relaxed, ready to snuggle with the adorable newborns awaiting me!

Here is an image I just took of my little sister, with her I get to boss her around and say silly things like, “Show a bit of warmth!” “Look elegant!” “Stand up straight!” She’s used to being my model and we have a great time taking photographs!