Capturing the Experience: Lifestyle Newborn Photography in London


Lifestyle photography is a type of photography that seeks to document the everyday. It captures everyday memories and turns it into art. Half of my sessions are lifestyle newborn sessions and with them I aim to create simple, stunning images of your memories. The first few weeks with your newborn can all be a blur so I aim to capture them forever. For this part of the session, I aim to be a fly on the wall and take pure, natural memories and beautiful unposed shots. The reason my packages includes so many digital photographs on a custom usb is because as a photographer I aim to showcase the entire experience of your first few days with your newborn.

As their children get older, many parents realise that they took most of the pictures and weren’t in many of the images (selfie stick photos don’t count!). The lifestyle portion of my session puts parents and their brand new relationship with their newborn in the foreground. I seek to capture these new precious moments of parenthood. My documentary style shows these developing roles and is witness to a brand new love that is already so strong. Lifestyle photography seeks to slow down those moments that speed by us so quickly in life and freeze memories in beautiful images that your family can look back on.


Just the other day, a family member of mine put up a photography of my parents on Facebook and I was amazed to realize that they were my age in the photography. It is fun to compare the similarities that you see between yourself and your parents. It is also lovely to have a memory resurface from a time you might otherwise have forgotten. With lifestyle newborn photography I intend to capture the memories that may fade overtime through the stress and sleepless nights of being a new parent such as tiny toes, quiet time with mum and a stolen moment between mum and dad.