London Portraiture: Children’s Portraiture


I’ve just had my mum and little sister here for two weeks visiting from Canada. We enjoyed each others company and cherished every moment we had together as we only see each other once or twice a year. This holiday we took the opportunity to visit many places they hadn’t been before and went to Stonehenge, Bath, Windsor Palace and Brighton. It was a very special time as we also spent the first week they were here looking all around London for my wedding dress. Thankfully I found the perfect one only 4 shops in!

On one of the days we made the train journey to Brighton with the idea of doing a beach photo session on Brighton Beach. It was a far cry from London and on one of those bitter cold days we’ve had lately in England, made much colder by the ocean’s waves! My little sister (who is now 13 years old) is an old pro at modelling for me and is used to posing in all the elements. One year when I visited Canada she even posed in -25! She was freezing at Brighton but fought through it and even asked to pose in two dresses!

I cherish photos of family and immediately got all my images from the day printed. It is so important to have images you can physically hold and keep for generations to come. My little sister will have these images to remember her trip to England in 2018 by and they will last much longer than the pictures she took on her iPhone that she probably won’t get printed!

I adore my job but sometimes it is nice to photograph something just for me and my little sister has always been that. I can shoot at angles I prefer and not have to worry about getting every angle or pose for clients. There is something freeing in creating art for yourself and it provided a little break from my everyday norm.

I thought I’d showcase this session as it also shows that I don’t just photograph newborns and that it’s important to photograph your children through all their years. Each year is just as special as the newborn stage!