Belly Casts and Newborn Photography


Pregnancy is such a momentous time in your life and your body is undergoing amazing, miraculous changes. During this time is it so important to capture every moment to savour in the future. As a photographer I’m quite a nostalgic person and love capturing every moment and detail to cherish forever. A great way to capture your pregnancy is with a maternity session but another unique way is creating a belly cast.

A belly cast is a cast taken of your stomach during the height of your pregnancy. This records just how big your stomach got with your little one inside! Many people hang it on the wall as a piece of art but a fun way to use it is to include it in your newborn photography session. I love putting a newborn baby inside a belly cast because it shows what they looked like all curled up in your womb! It is such a unique way to remember both times in your life and to capture just how tiny your child once was!

I often encourage clients to bring heirloom items to our session like saris or fabric, antique blankets etc but the belly cast is such a unique and memorable way to capture such an exciting time in your life!