London Newborn Photography: Behind the Scenes of Newborn Photography


From my website or Facebook page, running a newborn photography business looks fun, beautiful and almost like you get to play with babies all day. Even in a session with a very good baby, sometimes it looks like that. While I adore my job, there are many things going on behind the scenes that you as clients don’t know about. Here are some of the things that are going on behind the scenes!

1.) Working with newborns- Working with newborns is scary if you don’t know what you’re doing! You are handling someone’s precious bundle of joy! In order to be a professional newborn photographer it is important that you take many many workshops in order to know how to handle newborns safely and safely carry out poses. Before that, you must have your photography skills up to par as you get little time to think about the photography aspect while you are trying to pose a little newborn.

2.) Running a small business- Running a small business is hard, especially in an expensive city in London! Taxes, marketing, website creation, social media and advertising all take up a massive (and expensive) chunk of my time daily.

3.) The expenses– Running a small business is expensive, never mind a photography business that requires updating expensive equipment frequently (camera, lighting, props), expensive editing programs and paid advertising (so you can actually be seen by potential clients).

4.) The editing- The time I spend with clients is only a fraction of the time I spend on their session. I spend many many hours editing each session and a huge portion of my day consists of editing. Clients often ask, “Are you done for the day?” after our session and the answer is no, I could be editing into the late hours. Editing is one of my favourite parts of newborn photography as I love creating an image and perfecting it.

5.) The long hours- Running a small business is a 24/hour job. When you work alone you are a secretary, photographer, marketer, advertiser, editer, writer and website creator!

I absolutely adore my job as a newborn photographer and these are some of the things I do behind the scenes to make our sessions run seamlessly!

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