Before & Afters: The Extensive Newborn Photography Editing Process


Newborn photography ain’t easy and this is why professional quality ain’t cheap.

I know clients initially enquire about pricing and think, “But they are only taking pictures.” My job as a newborn photographer is to educate clients on just how much work goes into a newborn photography session. My sessions last 2-3 hours, depending on how baby is during the session. Some sleep soundly and others are awake for hours so some do take longer. I have clients ask me, “They have dry skin, I tried to get rid of it but I couldn’t, can you fix this?” This is completely normal for newborns in those first few weeks. Newborns have red, patchy, spotty and dry scaly skin in those first few weeks. Their skin is encountering a new environment and undergoing many new changes since it has left the comfort of the womb. After your session, the true work begins for me. I spend hours culling through the images to find the best images and then have to get down to editing them. The whole editing process for one session takes about 10 hours. This includes taking out my hands, feet, filling in backdrops etc to get a normal looking image and then the skin edits must begin. The before and after images here are the before/after of skin. They already had a foundation edit done where my hands were removed and the background was stretched to provide full coverage. For this adorable baby’s skin, I had to remove a lot of redness, remove all spots and skin flakes and then smooth skin out. This sounds pretty easy but when you are removing each individual spot out it takes a very long time! A professional newborn photographer does all of this and includes it in their session costs. An inexperienced photographer may not have the photoshop skills and experience to deliver perfect skin that looks fresh and baby smooth!

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