How I Became A Newborn Photographer


During my newborn photography sessions I often get asked how I got into newborn photography. I always say that my little sister is 17 years younger than me and I found my love for photography through her. While I would babysit I would take her on walks outside and play with my camera. She was my little muse for many years! Fast forward many years and I decided to take the safe route by becoming a teacher (because I didn’t know what else to do) and not pursue my love for everything artistic.

I became a teacher and discovered it did not suit me but photography remained a strong passion through those years. I decided to pursue actors headshots and did that for a year or so before I came across an Australian newborn photographer on Facebook. Something just clicked! I looked through her gorgeous images and realised that newborn photography suited me perfectly! I loved the idea of creating set ups, using various colours and using props. But it didn’t all come so easily after that!

I had my first newborn photography session and realised that professional newborn photographers made it look way easier than it actually was. Newborns are not dolls but little humans with big personalities. Years down the line I’ve photographed hundreds and hundreds of newborns, taken many training courses and workshops and perfected my style. I adore my job as a newborn photographer in London!