Why I Became A Newborn Photographer: London Newborn & Baby Photography


I often get asked, “Why newborn photography?” I have to stop and think about why and really, it seems there was no other way, newborn photography found me. When I was 16 and a half, my little sister was born. With her birth started my love for photography in general, I captured her early on (even with flowers around her) and loved to think of creative ideas. She was my little muse and even with my cheap digital camera at the time I felt a rush when taking pictures. I went to university and studied English & Art but when I was home on weekends I would always take pictures of my growing little sister or whatever I could find to be my subject (nature, my brother, my cat etc). I then became a teacher because I honestly couldn’t think of anything else to do with my artsy background. It seemed the responsible job to pursue as I was from a small town that couldn’t really support a career in photography.

Years later I was terribly unhappy as a teacher and decided to pursue photography. I started with actors headshots and then came across a newborn photographer on Facebook. As I looked at her portfolio of images, something clicked. This was for me and I felt a rush of excitement. I was so excited by the use of colours and props, I could be creative! ┬áThe trouble was, I quickly realised that newborns weren’t easy to photograph. It was such a struggle that I almost gave up. I took training courses, did free sessions and practiced over and over. I worked weekends and late nights in order to achieve my goals.

Now I can say I have found my true passion in life- photographing newborns. I have found a career that I love getting up in the morning for and would do it 24/7 if I could. I spend hours scouring the internet or antique shops for props, I study other newborn photographers’ work across the world, I take new workshops. It is pretty amazing when you get to do something you love!