London Newborn Photography: Baby’s First Year

Your baby’s first year is one that includes so many changes and milestones, it truly is an amazing year! They are born, learn to smile, learn to lift their head, have their first laugh, learn to roll over, learn to sit, crawl and then walk! It is such an amazing time to record all the unique changes that happen as time is so fleeting!

1.) Maternity Photography Sessions:

I think maternity photography sessions are so important, if not for you but for your child as they grow. It is so interesting for them when they are young to see an image of your belly and realise they were growing inside there! I find many mums to be are worried about looking larger than usual and don’t feel their best during pregnancy, however the job of a maternity photographer is to get your most flattering angles! We also have the option to do the maternity session in my London studio or outside. I find if you’re nervous to have your picture taken, outdoors can feel much less daunting and more relaxed than a studio environment.


2.) Newborn Photography Sessions:

Naturally, newborn photography sessions are the main event! These are my most popular sessions because it isn’t safe for parents to capture these types of sessions by themselves without training. The newborn phase is the smallest your precious little one will ever be so it’s so important to record!


3.) Baby’s Sitter Session:

I absolutely adore sitter sessions! For those that don’t know, sitter sessions are done when baby can first sit unaided. This can be anywhere from 5-10 months as every baby is different. I love capturing this chubby stage as they are so smiley, happy and love the camera! We capture baby in a variety of props and they are so proud they can sit now!


4.) Cake Smash Photography Session:

A cake smash photography session is the perfect time to celebrate the amazing and incredibly hard year you’ve just gone through! Cake smashes are a fun messy play activity that are just a big party!