Baby Shower Gifts You Actually Need: Part 2


I’ve decided to continue this article as baby shower gifts are so important! Parents get so many dresses, hats and things in the 0-3 newborn size that they are overwhelmed and can’t use it all. Practical and useful gifts are the key to helping parents survive the first year of parenthood!

6.) Bouncer– Newborns love movement. That’s because they have spent 9 months in the womb with mum’s constant movement and the vibration of her voice. The Bouncer can be a life saver when you just need to put baby down for a minute to get some laundry done or help put them to sleep. This one even has a vibration setting that is a dream for getting you little one to sleep!

7.) Baby Towels– This isn’t something that one would think would make a good baby shower present but it is actually a necessity that parents can’t have too many of. The little hooded towels are perfect for wrapping baby in after their bath! New parents struggle to keep up with laundry so it is so handy to have extra baby towel on hand. Also, how cute are those little hoods on newborn towels?

8.) Baby Movement Monitor– Technology today is truly amazing. There are so many amazing ways to keep baby safe while they are sleeping and to help you hear them/ watch them!

9.) Diaper Bag– Gone are the days of the boring nappie bag. Now there are so many stylish yet practical variations that mums can use!

10.) Nappies- While this seems like the most boring gift in the world, giving new parents nappies in varying sizes is actually the most practical and useful gift there is. New parents don’t really understand just how many nappies a baby goes through and they can never have enough of them!