Baby A: London Newborn Fotografie


The most gorgeous little boy! While I do recommend booking your session right away (as I don’t always have availability) so that we can do a session from 5-10 days old, this little guy was one month old and rocked his session! Sometimes you can’t get certain poses out of them at that age but they adore being swaddled!

As for my availability, I do a very limited amount of sessions per month. I only do 12 sessions per month (around 3 per week) to allow me to keep up with editing times. The 4-5 hours I spend at your home photographing your little one is only a fraction of the time spent on your session. The rest is spent preparing the session, planning set ups, travelling to your home and then many many hours editing your gallery. Sometimes each image can take up to 45 min. As a result I can only physically do 12 sessions per month. This is why it is best to secure a session as soon as you can.

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