Awake Baby Photography: What If My Baby Doesn’t Sleep?


A very big worry that new parents have when booking a newborn photography session is, “What if my baby doesn’t sleep during our newborn photography session?” They are petrified we won’t get any good shots! As I’m such an experienced newborn photographer, when baby doesn’t sleep, I don’t get stressed out or worry. I take photographs of baby awake as I know if they are under a certain age, baby has to eventually go to sleep for the more posed/sleepy shots! I never stress out as baby can sense if we get stressed and just allow them to play and explore if need be. Some of my absolute favourite shots are awake baby images as it is so much fun to capture their adorable little expressions!


Getting images of baby awake can be a bit of a waiting game as we need to ensure they are happy and willing to be put down. A good way to do this can be to swaddle them so they don’t try to eat their hands or feel unsettled. A swaddle has a calming effect on baby and helps them to feel like they are still in the womb. I then watch with my camera to try to get the moments when they have good eye contact with the camera. This can be tricky as in the first few weeks of a newborn’s life, they don’t have the best focus! But I wait and wait until I capture some adorable expressions! I mean look at the image below, we have a little Zoolander expression! So cute!


Once baby has had bit of awake time they are guaranteed to fall asleep eventually if they are young enough, I try to leave lots of time for the session to ensure we get as many amazing photographs as we can!

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