All About Me: Your Newborn Photographer in London, England!


Did you know when hiring a newborn photographer it is important to hire a professional who has vast training and experience? A professional newborn photographer must have extensive training and experience handling newborns as being a newborn photographer is far from being just about “photography”. A newborn photographer must be able to comfort, soothe and pose a newborn safely and must be very good at it. A newborn photographer must know how to pose a newborn safely as this is a tiny little human, not a doll. How can you tell if someone is experienced at handling newborns? They mention their experience on their website and their newborn images show comfortable, perfectly posed newborns with relaxed expressions. Newborns are not slumped in an awkward way or half-posed and swaddling looks impeccable.

What training do I have?

I have been trained in workshops by the best in the UK and America. I also continuously update my knowledge by doing online workshops from incredible newborn photographers in America and Australia.I am very aware and utilise safety standards in the industry. I have been a newborn photographer for over 4 years and in that time have photographed hundreds and hundreds of newborns. As I’m so experienced, my clients often call me the “baby whisperer” and ask, “how did you do that?”

How Do I Choose?

There are many newborn photographers in Ghent and Brussels, Belgium. The best way to choose one is not strictly by price or location but by who’s style you are drawn to. Does this photographer’s images match your personal aesthetic? Is he or she minimal, vintage, rustic, colourful, natural etc? Then examine their experience and training. Do they belong to a photography association? Do the newborns look comfortable and perfectly posed? Even natural posing should look perfect! Choose a professional that knows what they are doing as this is your precious newborn. Do not simply go for someone because their price is the lowest as there is usually a reason for it (ie. they are still portfolio building).