London Newborn Photography: A Day In the Life Of A Newborn Photographer


A newborn photographer’s days can be long and when looking at beautiful images of newborns on social media we often don’t think of the time and effort that went into creating and completing them. How does my day as a newborn photographer usually go?

1.) Set Up– I clean my studio and then put everything out that I had prepared the night before. I set up every little detail from the padding in my props to the last headband so that everything is ready for baby and this helps sessions go smoothly for baby.

2.) Newborn Session– I spend about 2-3 hours in a newborn session, depending on how baby is- sometimes sessions are shorter if baby sleeps straight through or extra long if baby is extra hungry and awake.

3.) Clean Up– After my sessions I clean my studio from top to bottom! I wash all linens that I used that day, wipe down surfaces and mop the floors.

4.) Laundry– All linens I use in a session must be washed after every use.

5.) Loading Images/Answering Emails– I then load up the images from the day, save them on hard drives and answer any emails/admin that have come through. I use this opportunity to send receipts for any payments that have been made and schedule in sessions for the future.

6.) Editing images– This is where I spend most of my day, at the computer editing. Editing a single session can take me around 10 hours of editing and so it requires many days of work to complete just one session.

7.) Advertising/Marketing/Social Media– I don’t do this every day as I try to plan this out for every month. I schedule social media posts, write blog posts and organise my paid advertising.

8.) Planning for the next day’s session– Every evening I then prepare for the next day’s session and prepare all the colours that my client has asked for and organise the props I’m going to use.

The life of a newborn photographer is so much more than taking pictures, yet my favourite part will always be the taking of pictures!

*Please note these behind the scenes images of me working were not taken in my studio!