4 Ways to Stay in Shape During Your Pregnancy


1.) Walking- The amazing thing about London is there is always somewhere to get out of the house and walk. Even if you are not the avid exerciser that does Crossfit or Kettlebelling, it is great to remain healthy during your pregnancy by just doing something simple. Walking is a great way to remain fit and is great for the mind. London provides so many opportunities to walk with their many vast parks and wooded areas.

2.) Yoga Classes- I highly recommend Siobhan of Ark Yoga . She holds yoga classes for pregnant women in their 2nd trimester and these can be attended up until baby is born. Classes are for beginners and those who are more experienced. Classes focus on breathing, relaxation techniques and exercises. There are so many antenatal yoga classes in London, have a go if you would like to work on fitness and even calm your mind!

3.) Swimming- The key to a healthy pregnancy is staying in shape,  Aquabellies is a unique program that practices yoga in the water, not only is it great to keep fit but it sounds like so much fun! Swimming barely feels like working out and is great for keeping in shape!

4.) Barre Classes- The current fitness trend seems to be barre classes which is helpful for those who loved ballet or are beginners at it! They’ve now created barre classes for pregnant women which is amazing. It is such a fun way to prepare physically and mentally for giving birth. “Barre & Baby” is located in Islington, Crouch End and Notting Hill and offers Pregnancy Ballet and Mum/Baby Ballet. However, there are loads of classes all over London.  So much fun!