London Newborn Photographer: 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be A Newborn Photographer


Newborn Photography isn’t for the faint of heart and the lazy! When starting up my small business I had no idea just how much work I was in for! Here are reasons you shouldn’t be a newborn photographer if you are on the fence about it!

1.) You don’t want to work hard– When starting up my small business I had no idea just how much work I was in for. Starting up a small business is so hard and such a learning process! I had initially thought that running a newborn photography business would just be about taking pictures of babies but hadn’t realised that I needed training in safe posing, time for setting up and cleaning up sessions, actual session time each day, editing time the rest of the day (I’m always at my computer), answering countless emails throughout the day, social media, blog post writing for website, accounting, admin and extensive time to create marketing/editing campaigns. I had no idea that all life/work balance I had would go out the window and it took me years to train myself to get it back!

2.) You don’t like marketing/advertising– A huge part of running your own small business is getting your work or product out there. It was a huge experience for me to learn all about SEO, marketing, various types of social media, blog post writing and Facebook Advertising. I had to examine and try every type of advertising and figure out what worked best for me. It also can require a large ongoing financial investment.

3.) You get grossed out by baby spit up/wee/poop– Newborn Photography ain’t for the squeamish! I clean up poop, pee and spit up on a daily basis, often on myself! It’s just part of the job!

4.) You aren’t good with criticism– This was the hardest part for me. At the beginning it was truly hard to send clients what I thought was a beautiful gallery and then hear back that they weren’t happy with it. As an artist it can be very difficult to separate yourself from your work and try to understand that not everyone has the same style/vision. I’ve learned over the years to try to emphasise to my clients that newborn photographers aren’t one size fits all and that they must like my portfolio first as it is so important to find a photographer’s style you connect with!

Did I scare you? Newborn Photography is my dream job and I love every second of it now that I’ve learned the ins and outs of it!