4 Reasons Why Winter Portrait Sessions Are My Favourite!

Glitter and Cloak Portrait
Girl in Cloak

girl blowing sparkles

Confetti in hair
confetti on snow
Cloak and wreath

I hear all the time that photography is simply a summer job. Naturally, it is slower in the winter but I want to get the word out about why winter portrait sessions are my favourite!

1.) Props: They are the most fun! I love all the props that can be used during winter sessions such as hats, blankets, sleds, Christmas ornaments, lanterns, furry hoods on coats and many many layers. As long as you bundle up in layers, the photo session can be comfortable and fun.

2.) Lighting: Lighting in the winter has this moody ethereal quality that creates romantic photographs that are timeless.

3.) Snow: While we don’t get much snow in London, England, I like to take advantage of the approximate three times a year that we do. Snow acts as a reflector and lights up the entire face for a gorgeous well-lit portrait. Also, need I mention the fun you can have in snow? I love capturing families throwing snow at each other, throwing it into the air and the magical, heart-warming quality that portraits can have when it is snowing.

4.) The quiet: There is nothing better than being outside with snow falling and listening to a kind of quiet that you can actually hear. During summer in London, it can be hard to find a perfect location that isn’t bustling with people but in the winter, all the parks are completely empty! Perfect for a great portrait session!

What’s your favourite season to take photos in?