London Maternity Photography: 10 Random Facts About Pregnancy


I have so many clients shocked by the changes their body undergoes during pregnancy, it is pretty amazing! There are so many ways your body changes during pregnancy and they are all miraculous and quite crazy when you think about how amazing the female body is!

1.) I always get clients emailing me and telling me about their “pregnancy brain” and I always thought it was a made up thing. However, did you know it is because of a lack of oxygen? Pregnant women have less oxygen in their blood which cause this forgetfulness!

2.) Not just a myth- women who have bad heartburn during pregnancy have babies born with lots of hair!

3.) Your skin colour may change during pregnancy, when my mom was pregnant with my sister she developed a “pregnancy mask” which gave her face a tanned appearance.

4.) Some pregnant women have a “linea negra” which is a dark line running down your pregnant stomach.

5.) Your sense of smell is stronger! This is why during pregnancy you have certain cravings or dislikes for foods you used to like as you can smell them more!

6.) Your uterus grows from the size of a peach to a watermelon during pregnancy! Wow!

7.) Your feet may grow up to one size during pregnancy due to excess fluid!

8.) Your heart actually grows (not just from extra love) because your body is pumping blood more rapidly and your blood volume increases.

9.) Weird cravings can actually mean your body is deficient in a certain nutrient!

10.) The pregnancy waddle isn’t just because you are bigger/ carrying extra weight, it is also because your joints/limbs are softer due to a hormone called “relaxin” which is helping to prepare your body to give birth! The human body is truly amazing!